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    Pure People Blog

    Morning Rituals To Super-Charge Your Day

    Morning Rituals To Super-Charge Your Day

    How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. So if you want to be productive, feel energized and happy, incorporate these practices into your daily life.
    Personally, you can find us on the beach at sunrise with our poochies and our tea embracing the new day with gratitude and awe before we begin our busy days, so for us, being in nature is day-kick-starter 101 followed by a few other rituals that will set the tone for a magical, energized, in-the-moment kind of day!
    • Wake up Earlier - Not only does this give you a a few moments to ease into the day, but it also avoid panic-mode, which can send your entire day off course. Setting some time aside for yourself everyday is key to living a balanced and positive life. 
    • Lemon Water - There are endless benefits to having hot lemon water first thing in the morning, (before tea, coffee or breakfast) but the major benefits that stand out are most certainly the immune boost from the vitamin C and the flush of your digestive tract giving your body a clean slate for the day.
    • Practice Mindfulness - "Mindfulness is the aware, balanced acceptance of the present experience. It isn’t more complicated than that. It is opening to or receiving the present moment, pleasant or unpleasant, just as it is, without either clinging to it or rejecting it.” Sylvia Boorstein.  Find mindfulness in the form of a daily yoga practice or meditation but we would recommend something slow before you start your work out routine. Calm your mind, ease into your body, slowly awaken your muscles and just give yourself a moment to ground and breathe before you kick off your to-do list for the day. Try to practice this mindfulness throughout your day!
    • Exercise - Start with 20 minutes if that is all you have time for, but starting your day with a quick exercise routine is a great to get your happy hormones flowing freely. Take a quick beach walk, light jog, strong yoga session, swim or whatever you can that can get your juices flowing!
    • Music - While you are getting ready for work, put on your favourite jam to inspire and motivate yourself to make a success of your day ahead. It's all about tapping into those feel good moments and holding onto them throughout your day.
    • Fuel your body - Personally, I used to skip breakfast, but since I have included a healthy morning routine, I find my energy is far more sustained through the morning and I can easily sit down and focus when I need to work. Fuel your body with a peanut butter & banana smoothie, or a nice clean green juice if that works for you,  but whatever you do, DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST! Here's a quick link for healthy smoothie recipes.
    • Set a Positive Mantra - Set an intention or positive mantra for your day. Whether it's a simple "I can do this" or "Today I choose peace" - whatever you do, walk out the door with a positive thought and it will change your entire day!


    • Morning News – While it’s good to stay up to speed with the latest happenings, you’ll do yourself a huge favour by missing out on the more upsetting things that have happened overnight. By lunchtime the biggest news will have made it to you, and if it’s something really big you can catch yourself up on the Internet in a matter of minutes.
    • Stimulants – Many of us reach instinctively for a cup of coffee in the morning to get us going, or need an energy drink before we consider the day started. But these are just crutches that could be masking a lack of sleep or nutrition. Drop the stimulants and continue to make positive changes until you don’t feel you need them anymore.
    • Sleeping In – These are morning *rituals* we’re starting here, and you can’t expect them to change your life unless you stick to them religiously. Taking the weekends off of your routine is a sure way to disrupt the good habits you’ve formed during the week, and regress to your old ways. Stay the course, even on the weekends, and you’ll reap all of the benefits.

    Tell us about your top morning rituals that keep your body, mind and soul in check.

    VIDEO: Mother Nature

    VIDEO: Mother Nature

    Of all the mothers that need adoration and respect, Mother Nature needs the most. Our actions as a human species is taking its toll on Mother Nature and this video is a little reminder of how powerful she really is! Take some time this month to be mindful of your impact on this earth.  Are you prepared to evolve?

    Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford, Kevin Spacey, Edward Norton, Penélope Cruz, Robert Redford and Ian Somerhalder all join forces to give nature a voice.

    “Some call me Nature, others call me mother nature
    I’ve been here for over four and a half billion years
    Twenty-two thousand five hundred times longer than you
    I don’t really need people but people need me
    Yes, your future depends on me
    When I thrive, you thrive
    When I falter, you falter or worse (?)
    But I’ve been here for aeons
    I have fed species greater than you, and
    I have starved species greater than you
    My oceans, my soil, my flowing streams, my forests,
    they all can take you or leave you
    How you chose to live each day whether you regard or
    disregard me doesn’t really matter to me
    One way or the other your actions will determine your fate not mine
    I am nature
    I will go on
    I am prepared to evolve

    Are you?”

    Harnessing The Power Of The Full Moon

    Harnessing The Power Of The Full Moon

    How often do you go outside and look at the moon? You probably spend most of your waking hours enjoying the light of the sun, which is influential in its own right, but did you know that the energy of the moonlight holds its own special power?

    A full moon is always a powerful time for meditation, energy healing and recharging your energy field and chakras. That is why so many cultures have rituals and ceremonies that take place during full moons—the full moon shines down so much pure energy that anything it touches can’t help but feel its radiance and love. 

    Energy healing during this potent time can yield incredible results. The illumination it provides is not only physical, but on the soul level as well, lighting up corners of your subconscious and giving you access to insights about your emotions, yourself, and your path, so you’ll definitely want to take advantage of this next week’s lunar energy!

    Here are my top 7 ways to do just that:

    1. Get in touch with your emotions.

    Emotions are magnified during the full moon. Have you ever heard people say, “It must be a full moon,” when things start to go crazy? Since emotions are so easily accessible during this time, it’s a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge and release them. This will help clear your chakras, and allow for the healing energy of the full moon to work its magic. Journaling is especially beneficial right now, and in addition to expressing your inner truths and feelings, it’s a good time to write out your intentions, make decisions about what you really want, and fully embrace your truest self.

    2. Take a moon bath.

    The moonlight is cleansing to your mind, body, and spirit, so spending time under its vibrant white glow is like a soothing bath without the water. Take a walk under the moon, preferably with some of your skin bared to the light. Gaze up at the brilliance of the moon for as long as you can, basking in its energy and love. What do you feel in your body and in your chakras? What messages is the moon lighting up inside of you? A moon bath steeps your body and spirit in purifying light, washing away negativity and leaving you fresh and renewed.

    3. Manifest your desires.

    Harness the positive energy of the moon by envisioning your goals and dreams. Spend some time picturing your life as you wish it to be. What are your intentions? The full moon will magnify any energy you send out, and help guide it into the welcoming embrace of the universe. Be clear and specific about what you wish to manifest and don’t be surprised when your intentions come true.

    4. Release negativity.

    The moon’s light is so strong, it’s hard for darkness to stand up in the face of its glory. The moon can reach the deepest parts of your soul and pull out the things you’ve been hiding or trying to ignore. The moon illuminates any negative emotions stored in your chakras or your body and reflects that knowledge back to you so that you can begin the process of clearing those blockages through meditation, healing courses, or other means.

    5. Be creative.

    What is your special talent or hobby? Do you paint or cook or act or sing? Maybe you enjoy decorating or gardening or a sport. The full moon is the time to do whatever creative activity makes you feel joyful! Any creations you make this next week will be imbued with the light and energy of the full moon, and can even act as special tokens or talismans that will allow you to recall the moon’s energy whenever you need it in the future.

    6. Sleep outside.

    I try to sleep outside in summer, and especially during the full moons. So this warm summers night, why not give it a try? Grab a sleeping bag or blanket and head out under the canopy of sparkling stars and the glowing full moon and just bask in the light. Meditate or even say a little prayer, and let the peace and beauty of the moon soak into your body and soul while you sleep. You’ll wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.

    7. Boost your feminine energy.

    Women, take note: you, in particular, need the feminine lunar energy of the moon in order to keep your energy field vibrant and strong. This is not to discount the men, because they need feminine energy as well—remember everything is about balance—but the female energy of the moon is absolutely essential for women to maintain the health of their field. Of course, all energy healing efforts are boosted by a full moon, but gals may find this time especially fruitful.

    I hope that you’ll try some or all of these techniques during full moon periods. At the very least, make an effort to get outside and enjoy the benefits of spending time lovingly enveloped in the soft white glow of the moon!

    Share your moon-loving rituals in the comments section below!


    RECIPE: 2-Step No-Bake Energy Balls!

    RECIPE: 2-Step No-Bake Energy Balls!

    There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to making energy balls. You can put just about anything in your energy balls from goji berries to hemp seeds - the choice is entirely yours! Here's a basic recipe we used to make our first batch of AWESOME little energy snacks! 

    • Prep: 10 minutes
    • Ready in: 40 minutes


    • 1 x Cup Rolled Oats
    • 1/2 x Cup of Dates chopped finely (no pips)
    • 1/2 x Cup of Sugar Free Peanut Butter
    • 1/2 x Cup of Flax Seeds
    • 1/3 x Cup of Hemp Seeds 
    • 1/2 x Cup of Chocolate Chips / Chopped Raw Cacoa Beans
    • OR  1/3 Cup Cacoa Powder 
    • 1/3 x Cup of Natural Unprocessed Honey
    • 1 x Tablespoon Chia Seeds
    • 1 x Teaspoon of vanilla essence
    • 1/2 x Cup Coconut Flakes
    • And extra coconut flakes for coating

    *** This recipe is completely flexible - see notes at the bottom


    • 1. Mix your ingredients together - if your hand gets tired using a spoon, use your hands (preferably don't use a blender as ingredients will be too fine, unless that is your desired outcome). Cover and refrigerate your mixture for 20-30 minutes
    • 2. Remove your energy dough from the fridge, roll into balls about 2.5cm in diameter and roll them in coconut for an extra gourmet vibe and VOILA! 

    * You can even make your energy balls into energy bars and use them on your next fitness mission


    • I keep my energy balls in the fridge, but then again I am on the sweltering east coast of South Africa so nothing lasts outside the fridge here! 
    • In general, if you start experimenting with different ingredients or leave some ingredients out entirely, the balance of the recipe may be a little “off”.  So if they get too dry, add a few more of the sticky ingredients like honey and/or nut butters.   If they get too gooey, add in more oats.
    • The name of the game with this recipe is customization.  So feel free to give them a try and keep tweaking them to whatever specific combination tastes and feels good to you.  
    • Try different nut butters if you are allergic to peanut butter, different fruit combinations to replace the chocolate, or try different super foods and see what magic you can come up with ;) 

    I can't wait to try this recipe with macadamia nuts, goji berries and almond butter - that's my next attempt! 



    2 step no bake energy balls

    Balancing your Chakras

    Balancing your Chakras

    There are 7 main energy centers in the body, known as chakras. Each chakra is located throughout our body which correlates to specific body ailment and physical dysfunctions; each energy center also houses our mental and emotional strengths.

    The maintenance of the health of your chakras contributes to your overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. If there are overactive or under-active chakras (energy is not flowing harmoniously through them) then this can result in illness. When things in your life are out of whack, your chakras express this imbalance energetically.

    There are literally thousands of ways you can “heal” and “balance” your chakras. Meditation and visualization are both very popular choices, sound is another good method, sight is yet another (using yantras or mandalas), and smell works really well too – it’s called aromatherapy. Yoga is another very popular way to work on your chakras, and I could go on as the list is too long to recite.

    Here we will go through each Chakra and give you a few tips on how to balance them:

    Root Chakra


    Colour: Red

    This is the first chakra, and is located at the base of your spine. If this chakra is under-active you may feel like you don’t belong. You will feel like you are not supported in your relationships. Your family life may be difficult. You will struggle with money and financial issues, and you will have little to no connection with the earth.

      This chakra is all about connection to the earth and being grounded. We are electric and energetic beings, so it’s no wonder that we need to send our “grounder” down into the earth – much like a lightning rod always needs grounding. If we are not grounded and we experience emotional turmoil, we can “blow up” energetically, much like a building would that got hit by lightning if it had no grounding device.

      Tip on balancing:

      • Take off your shoes and walk barefoot in the grass. Imagine roots growing out of your feet and deep into the earth. Absorb energy from your roots, much like a tree absorbs nutrients from the soil
      • Affirmations: I connect. I am whole. I am fully supported in all ways.
      • Yoga Asana: Tree Pose


      Sacral Chakra



      Colour: Orange

      This chakra is located just below the belly button. This chakra’s energy expresses how we act and experience intimate relationships, our creativity and our sexuality.

      If it’s closed, you’ll feel that you can't get intimate with anyone. You’ll have problems with creativity, and will experience little to no sex drive. You might want to self-destruct and willingly engage in abusive situations.

      When this chakra is open and balanced, all these areas in your life thrive. You experience beautiful and intimate relationships. You can express yourself sexually. You will feel comfortable expressing your sexuality and you will have an appetite for creativity. You will feel at peace in your body.

      Tip on balancing:

      • Eat an orange. Cut the orange open and smell it. The citrus smell connects your with your sexuality because it is the “fruit” of you. There is a reason why they call it “bearing fruit”
      • Affirmations: I create. I am comfortable in my own skin. I am passionate. I am healthy.
      • Yoga Asana: The Goddess


      Solar Plexus Chakra


      Colour: Yellow

      This chakra is located right below the sternum. This is your power center and also referred to as your “personal sun”. When people say that you brighten up the room, you may have a strong solar plexus chakra. When your power is used properly, you exude peacefulness and generosity. It is a force to make the world a better place.

      Unfortunately, people abuse their power and use it in unhealthy ways. This can be destructive for yourself and everyone around you. If this chakra is under-active you are easily controlled and have a hard time saying what you want. You have little to no self-esteem and have self-confidence issues.

      Tip on balancing:

      • Sit in the sun for 20 minutes. Let the sunlight funnel into this chakra and imagine it dissolving any yuckiness (I imagine dark grayish bits getting blotted out by the light)
      • Affirmations: I manifest. I use my power in healthy ways. I am powerful.
      • Yoga Asana: The Warrior


      Heart Chakra


      Colour: Green or pink

      This is the center of your energetic system. It is located in the middle of your chest. Some people this energy center the “seat of the soul”. It is extremely powerful and has many benefits for healing yourself and others, but unfortunately, many people keep this place guarded because of emotional self-preservation. If you ever had your heart broken or experienced loss, or have a painful memory, there is a good chance your heart chakra may be under-active.

      Tip on balancing:

      • Forgive yourself. Forgive anyone who has ever hurt you or caused you pain. If you don’t want to physically confront this person, write it out and burn it. This transmutes the negative energy. Practicing forgiveness is extremely releasing
      • Affirmations: I love. I am loved. I am open to giving and receiving love. My heart is healed. I love myself.
      • Yoga Asana: The Camel


      Throat Chakra


      Colour: blue

      If this is open, you are comfortable speaking your mind. You never second-guess yourself. You feel like your voice matters and you have no trouble showing your creativity and explaining it. If you stutter or are always unsure of yourself when you speak to someone, this is an indicator that this chakra is under-active. If you experience lots of sore throats or are always clearing your throat, this is also a sign of under activity and is your body’s natural way of trying to clear this energy spot. Lying is a good way to disrupt this energy center.

      Tip on balancing:

      • Engage in healthy self-talk and spend some time in front of the mirror admiring yourself. Acknowledge what you love about yourself
      • Affirmations: I speak my truth. I express myself clearly and with ease. My voice matters.
      • Yoga Asana: Shoulder Stand


      Third Eye Chakra


      Colour: Indigo blue or purple

      This is your intuition. It is located in between your eyes. It represents your inner sight and your psychic ability. But it battles with your intellect. It is a pure sense of knowing and how you follow spiritual signs and direction. You want to have a balance between your intellect (decision making) and intuition (guidance and direction). Psychics have their ability because they have learned to clear, balance and trust their third eye (intuition). Trust is a major issue with your third eye. People are naturally psychic and intuitive but because of the society we live in, we have learned to disregard our intuition and listen more to our intellect. It is trusting your inner knowing and that “gut” feeling. It’s there for a reason.

      When this chakra is cleared and strengthened, you will experience vivid dreams, lucid dreams, visions, clairvoyance, have a strong sense of inner knowing and experience states that are “out-of-body”. You will start to easily pick up on people’s thoughts, feelings, energies and hidden intentions. Clearing and using this chakra to the fullest of its ability will literally blow your mind!

      Tip on balancing:

      • Close your eyes and imagine you are looking out of your third eye. what do you see? Imagine a beam of light shining out of your forehead, into the unknown. Trusting the first thing that comes into your head is the key here. Don’t doubt yourself
      • Affirmations: My inner vision is clear. I am a highly psychic and intuitive being. My intuition can be trusted.
      • Yoga Asana: Downward Facing Dog


      Crown Chakra


      Colour: purple or white

      This is the highest frequency chakra. It is located on top of your head. It is your connection to the divine, whatever that means to you. It doesn’t matter what you think your higher power is, or what people, figures or things come to mind. There is no right or wrong answer – it is all individualistic.

      When this chakra is closed, you do not believe in a higher power and don’t believe there is something divine that created you and loves you. You don’t feel support. You have trouble accepting help from people and are depressed and devastated about the thought of what happens after death.

      When you are in tune with this chakra and it is balanced, you are vibrating at a higher frequency. Everyday tasks are a beautiful experience and you walk this earth enlightened about everything. You are excited to get up every morning. It is a wonderful feeling. You are open to messages and signs from the divine. Synchronicity and inspiration happens on a daily basis.

      Tip on balancing:

      • Imagine a white light funneling down from the sky, down into your crown chakra, down through your root chakra and deep into the earth. This is a powerful meditation to create a state of energetic vertical alignment that balances your energy.
      • Affirmations: I am connected with the divine. I am experiencing my divine nature. I am one with the universe. I am blessed.
      • Yoga Asana: Headstand

      “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”Darryl Anka